Meet decision makers of top worldwide companies who decide with which Chinese digital solutions they will work

Panda Meetings chinese digital solutions

How it works?

We evaluate your company profile, motivation, ambition, references



You must be part of a Chinese market digital solution, inovative and mature to join Panda Meetings event.

You will be selected through a first validation process to become a sponsor and get access to Panda Meetings platform with leads information.

The most pertinent tools and services that fit with european company’s needs will be selected, among all the application to become a Chinese digital solutions providers.

Panda meetings sponsor
Panda meetings china meetings



Once your participation as a Chinese digital solution provider is validated:

1. You get your access to our online platform

2. You prepare your webinars, workshops (reserved for Gold & Diamond sponsors)

3. Matchmaking: we help you select potential customers

4. You manage & schedule One-to-One Meetings

5. You e-meet with the selected companies’s decision makers

Then, you close deal!


Some chinese digital solutions who already joined Panda Meetings

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