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How it works?

We evaluate your company profile, motivation, ambition, budget



You must be part a Decision maker of a B2B or B2C company to join Panda Meetings event.

Your current Chinese market challenge brief will go through a qualification process, in order to get access to Panda Meetings platform with Chinese service providers information.

Only the companies with a global turnover greater than EUROS 10 Millions will be selected and able to participate in One-to-One Meetings.

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Once your participation as an European merchants is validated:

1. You get your access to our online platform

2. You participate to our webinars, workshops and optional trainings (paid trainings)

3. Matchmaking: we help you select good match Chinese solutions

4. You manage & schedule One-to-One Meetings

5. You e-meet with the selected Chinese digital solutions

Then, you close deal!


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