November 2021
Beauty & Wellness edition

The program : one to one meetings and webinars sessions focused on Beauty & Wellness online market in China

Nov 18th: Webinars, worshops sessions
Nov 30th-Dec 14th: Online one-to-one Meetings

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Who can join?

Only for Beauty & Wellness players



  • Your are a merchant, brand, retailer or even a B2B company in the Beauty & Wellness sectors. You speak fluently english and have export experience and maturity in your own market.
  • You are looking for a solution for your Chinese digital project.
  • You sell or produce product or service related to beauty and wellness, such as: cosmetics, make-up, perfum, beauty complements, baby and maternity care, men’s care, personal care, beauty appliances, yoga textile, health care products, snack supplements, food supplements, food complement…


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  • Your are a Chinese a Chinese digital expert company. You can provide services to foreign customers in China, you speak fluently english and have international references in your portfolio.
  • You are looking for new international customers.
  • You can provide these services: e-commerce operations, TP, digital marketing, social media, KOL campaign, consulting, branding, PR, communication, legal solutions, AI solutions, IT solutions, logistics, payments solutions, distribution (online / offline) and any other services relative to digital market or distribution.


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Why Beauty & Wellness ?

A booming market


The beauty and cosmetics industry is one of the fastest-growing and most promising fields of business in China for the near future.

As of 2020, China became the world’s second-largest beauty and personal care product market after the U.S. in terms of market value.

Chinese beauty market is expected to record a value of $87.64 billion in 2025, increasing at a CAGR of 6% for the duration spanning 2021-2025. 

  • Skincare, the largest category, increased 69% to $7.6 billion.
  • Makeup, the second-largest category, increased 29% to $2.5 billion.
  • Brand flagship stores dominate beauty e-commerce sales, generating $7.7 billion and increasing 70%, while direct stores generated beauty e-commerce sales of $1.7, an increase of 15%.
  • Cross-border channel’s high growth rate continued in 2020 due to China’s travel ban, with sales in the channel reaching $1.7 billion, an increase of 16%
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A report by Boston Consulting Group had estimated that China’s health and wellness market was worth around $70 billion in 2020. Some experts forecast that this will rise to $145.1 billion by 2025.

As well as government initiatives to promote health, one driving factor in this is the explosive growth of the country’s middle class, which is on track to expand from the current 430 million to 780 million by 2025.

The Covid-19 pandemic did not introduce the concept of wellness to China, but rather heightened interests that were already strong. The biggest change is that the behavior is really focusing on more health and wellness.

Fitness and food categories were most primed to take advantage of this trend, but that beauty could also benefit. Nutrition and supplements have seen increased purchases for Chinese consumers, which has carried over to beauty.

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Our online Matchmaking Platform

Participants from all countries will have access to our platform to create their profile with company’s information. The profile page can include text description, image, video, documents to be as precise as it should be to explain their Chinese market’s needs and challenges .

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a full planning to prepare you to China


Nov 8th – Nov 17th

Professionnal online trainings by the training agency PARIS2BEIJING 

In order to prepare your one to one meetings, you’ll have the possibility to access a profesional training dedicated to China.
This module gives you all the keys to understand the main actors of the chinese digital market, the leaders of e-commerce and the social media essentials.

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Nov 18th

Keynotes and workshops with experts of Beauty & Wellness sectors

Strategies, testimonies, workshops with experts, brands and agencies that will share their experience and insights on Chinese digital market.

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Nov 30th – Dec 14th

Online meetings with your future business partners

30 minutes online meetings with the Chinese solutions you selected and schedules meetings with. During the online meetings, you will be able to share your screen, documents and ad other people if needed (an assistant, a colleague, a translator…)

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