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[September 6th – 13th]

Panda Review 16 China digital news


So what happened these past 2 weeks in China ? 

Read our press review below: all the best news about E-commerce, digital marketing, social media, KOL news, travel retail and tourism industries, new technologies, Chinese society and culture. And sometimes, great Chinese digital market white book or report to download that we found for you!

🛍️ E-commerce & Co.

PANDAILY – September 9, 2021

Tencent Launches 50 Billion Yuan ‘Common Prosperity’ Plan

Chinese technology firm Tencent announced the launch of the first batch of its 50 billion yuan ($7.74 billion) ‘Common Prosperity’ plan in a letter sent to company employees.

JING DAILY – September 8, 2021

Time’s Up, Hong Kong: Mainland China Takes Over Swiss Watch Sales

Thanks to Mainland consumer repatriation, China has now surpassed Hong Kong as the Swiss watch industry’s top export market

PANDAILY – September 10, 2021

TCL to Spend Over 20 billion Yuan on Semiconductor Development, will carry out R&D with other tech giants including Meituan and Baidu

On Thursday, Chinese electronics firm TCL indicated that over the next five years it will invest more than 20 billion yuan ($3.1 billion) in the fields of smart terminals, semiconductor display and materials, semiconductor photovoltaics and semiconductor materials


DAO INSIGHTS – September 7, 2021

JD is racing to secure a share in China’s fast-growing resale (JD), the e-commerce giant in China, has recently released a new resale platform named “鲸置” (Jing Zhi), targeting at 182 million Chinese consumers active in the second-hand market.


🤳 Digital Marketing, KOL 

DAO Insights – September 8, 2021

KFC’s snail noodles campaign strikes a chord with Chinese young consumers

KFC teamed up with the logistics company Cainiao to launch a very popular traditional Chinese dish known as ‘stinky’ snail noodles

JING DAILY – September 12, 2021

How Is Luring Luxury Brands Back

China issued rules to prevent monopolistic behavior from internet firms. As such, luxury brands will no longer have to choose between Tmall or JD.

👀 New Technologies

MARKET SEARCH TELECAST – September 12, 2021

China to use blockchain technology to pilot green energy trading plan

China launched a pilot program on Tuesday to enable direct trade in green energy between wind and photovoltaic power generation companies and consumers. The use of the blockchain will help to optimize procedures, lower their cost and increase efficiency, while it can exclude risks of errors.


PANDAILY – September 13, 2021

Rotating Huawei CEO Xu Zhijun Predicts 6G will enter market around 2030

Based on a unified QR system developed in partnership between the two tech giants and UnionPay, the state-owned financial company, users will be allowed to make online payments through UnionPay’s Mobile QuickPass on WeChat and Taobao. The service, which is currently being tested, is expected to bring together the two separate payment systems.

🏮 Society & Culture

DAO INSIGHTS – September 7, 2021

Beijing 2022 Olympics presents opportunities & challenges for China

The Olympic Games – a country’s unique chance to show off its infrastructure, culture, political power and sporting ability on a world stage attracting millions of eager international viewers.

JING DAILY – September 7, 2021

Why Gen-Z Symbols are different in China

Brands should be immersing themselves in the universes of Chinese Gen-Z symbolism. But what are these worlds, and where can they be found?