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[October 4th – October 11th]

Panda Review 20 China digital news

So what happened these past 2 weeks in China ? 

Read our press review below: all the best news about E-commerce, digital marketing, social media, KOL news, travel retail and tourism industries, new technologies, Chinese society and culture. And sometimes, great Chinese digital market white book or report to download that we found for you!

🛍️ E-commerce & Co.

Panda review 20 e-commerce

JING DAILY – October 6, 2021

Key lessons from China brand failure

International brands often make the mistake of downplaying the local competition, which can compete very well on cost and supply chain operations. 

Panda review e-commerce

JING DAILY – October 7, 2021

Second Hand luxury platform profile’s: Alibaba’s Idle fish

Idle Fish allows secondhand items to be listed for sale online (for Taobao purchases, this can be done with one click), and incorporates Alibaba’s Alipay to streamline the payment process.


🤳 Digital Marketing, KOL 

Panda review 20 digital marketing & kol

DAO INSIGHTS – October 4, 2021

Xiaohongshu’s display ad is accused of disrespecting women

Xiaohongshu’s advertising has been pushed to the forefront of public opinion recently, by an article “Xiaohongshu’s display advertising on Hupu sells female users’ photos to men as free porn”. This was not the first time that Xiaohongshu was in controversy over the past month. This popular social media platform has twice been on the hot search list of Sina Weibo.

Panda review 20 digital marketing & kol

REST OF WORLD – October 7, 2021

Police influencers pushing a controversial anti-fraud app are going viral in China

Guoping Chen, the story goes, is an ordinary police officer in the Chinese town of Qinhuangdao, Hebei province. But it’s his second life on social media that has brought him fame. There, Chen is a cybercrime-fighting influencer for good, determined to save the Chinese public from internet fraud.

✈️ Travel Retail, Tourism 

Panda review 20 travel tourism & retail

DAO INSIGHTS – October 6, 2021

Golden week boost domestic tourism close to the pre-pandemic level

Due to a lack of confidence in foreign countries’ handling of the pandemic, this year’s Golden Week becomes a great opportunity to boost domestic travel, which is characterised by short distance, rustic and patriotic trips.

Panda review 20 travel tourism & retail

JING DAILY – October 9, 2021

Hainan sales hit new records during China’s golden week

During China’s National day holiday, Hainan set a new record of sales. Is it set to become the undisputed luxury Mecca?

👀 New Technologies

Panda review 20 new technologies

DAXUE CONSULTING – October 7, 2021

2021 becomes the year of crackdowns in China as the country’s tightening regulations spread through more spheres

In the second half of 2021, it seems almost every week we hear of a new crackdown in China, each of which impact a range of industries, throwing market dynamics for a loop.

Panda review 20 new technologies

ABC NEWS – October 10, 2021

From marriage markets to virtual AI boyfriends, love and romance are changing in China

XiaoIce a Chinese tech firm created an artificial intelligence chatbot.It is programmed to form emotional bonds with human users through text, voice and photo messages and can be customised to create the ideal virtual boyfriend or girlfriend.

🏮 Society & Culture

Panda review 20 society & culture

CHINA DAILY – October 9, 2021

Cooling-off rule leads to big decline in divorce rate

The statistical about-face came after China’s first Civil Code took effect this year. A new rule in the code’s family and marriage chapter requires couples to go through a month long cooling-off period before a divorce can be granted.

Panda review 20 society & culture

DAO INSIGHTS – October 9, 2021

League of Legends marches into the world’s largest mobile game market

League of Legends Wild Rift finally made its way to China. Tencent’s Riot Games officially launched this mobile game in mainland China on Friday. This is the tenth year since League of Legends entered the Chinese market, and Tencent is expecting a boost in its stock prices brought by this power IP.