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[June 20-27th] Panda Review #9 China digital news of the week


🛍️ E-commerce & Co.


ALIZILA – June 25, 2021

Valentino Beauty Partners with Alibaba’s Marketing Solution Platform Hey Box

Italian luxury brand Valentino Beauty has teamed up with Hey Box, Tmall’s new-product marketing solution, to unveil a new line in China. The majority of SMEs within the European Union (EU) have either already started, or are likely to start, selling via online marketplaces in response to the pandemic.

livestreaming farm products

PEOPLE’S DAILY – June 24, 2021

E-commerce development in western China is moving onto fast track

Last year, the number of newly-added online shop owners from western regions of China on Taobao surpassed that from the central and eastern regions of the country for the first time and led the whole country. Yunnan, Sichuan, and Shanxi, three provinces in west China, made it into the top ten list of the country in terms of the number of live-streaming hosts who promote farm produce online.

male beauty

DAO INSIGHT – June 23, 2021

QuestMobile report highlights growing market for male beauty in China

China is home to 613 million male mobile internet users. Their average monthly usage time exceeds 150 hours, which is 20 hours higher than that of females. Due to the increasing popularity of short-form videos and livestreaming, the influence of beauty KOLs is penetrating to male users. 185 million men are watching beauty influencer content every month.

Alibabas Zhang

ALIZILA – June 24, 2021

Alibaba’s Zhang Sees a Generation of New Brands Catering to Changing Consumer Behavior Post-Pandemic

Alibaba Group Chairman and CEO Daniel Zhang predicted the rise of a new generation of digitally native consumer brands around the world, where designers use data analytics to meet changing consumer trends. He sees direct-to-consumer business models (D2C) coming to the fore, as it allows entrepreneurs to ship products straight to buyers without relying on traditional stores.

🤳 Digital Marketing, KOL 


JING DAILY – June 25, 2021

Louis Vuitton Presented Its SS22 Menswear Show With Social Innovations in China

Louis Vuitton unveiled its Spring/Summer menswear 2022 show on June 24 via WeChat Channel, Weibo Livestream, and Kuaishou. The livestream on Weibo and Kuaishou received over 15 million and 567,000 views, respectively, within half an hour. And the Weibo hashtag #LVMenSS22 garnered over 520 million views within a single day.

PANDAILY – June 25, 2021

Bubble Tea Brand MXBC Goes Viral 24 Years After Creation – What’s In the Recipe?

By strictly reducing costs and keeping prices lower than most, if not all, of its competitors, Mixue Bingcheng (also known as MXBC) has quietly become the single bestselling bubble tea brand in China. By early 2021, it has been estimated to hold a valuation of as much as 20 billion yuan, beating popular premium bubble tea brands Hey Tea and Nayuki’s Tea.



Little beauty book: Why presence on RED is crucial for international brands as C-beauty competition hots up

Beauty brands looking to tap into the Chinese market cannot afford to ignore popular social and shopping app RED in order to build their presence and gain trust among Chinese beauty consumers, claims a leading strategy and consulting outfit.


✈️ Travel Retail, tourism

China Remains Closed
JING DAILY – June 23, 2021

As China Remains Closed, Will Cross-Border Business Ever Be the Same?

As infections rise in the south, China is intent on keeping its borders shut for another year. For businesses, closed borders will mean things continue on as they have over the past year — working and showcasing remotely, leveraging e-commerce, and catering to repatriated spending.

👀 New Technologies

CRYPTO BRIEFING – June 23, 2021

Chinese Payment Giant Alipay Launches NFT Sales

China’s largest digital payment platform, Alipay, sold non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on its own permissioned blockchain service network called AntChain. AntChain says its blockchain service has been deployed across over 50 businesses, in areas like supply chain management, finance, banking, and cross-border payments.

🏮 A little bit of Culture


RADII – June 25, 2021

Chinese Tech Companies Are Cancelling Required Overtime. Employees Want More

China’s notorious 996 overwork culture is making waves again on social media as some tech companies are taking action to battle the work-balance struggle, or at least pretending to. But to some employees, the double pay is the appeal that pulled them to the company in the first place. They worry that if the big-small-week policy is canceled they will be left with the same workload but less pay.

Euro match

DAO INSIGHT – June 23, 2021

Why are there so many Chinese ads in EURO 2020?

Many Chinese companies have paid for advertising posters at UEFA’s EURO 2020 to reach the country’s vast fanbase. Among the 12 top sponsors announced on UEFA’s official website are four Chinese companies: Hisense, Alipay, Vivo, and ByteDance-owned TikTok. Chinese companies account for one-third of the top sponsors for the EUROs, making it the ‘top sponsor country’.